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What Is CRES?

CRES (Community Radio Education Society) is a charitable, non-profit organization based in Vancouver, BC Coast Salish Territories. CRES runs the MAC (Media Arts Committee) program, Step Up and Solder Technical Training Program, and other technical, radio and sound art workshops for the purpose of training, education and access.

Objects of the Society


  1. To provide through training, classes, workshops and apprenticeship, education in sound art, radio skills, technical skills, community development, and the use of radio and audio for community educational purposes, and to provide facilities for this use;
  2. To take steps to make training, classes, workshops and apprenticeships available to people with low income or from economically or socially disadvantaged groups and the opportunity of using these skills as a means of bettering their social and economic condition;
  3. To foster the idea of using radio and sound art as an educational tool through co-ordinated work with formal educational institutional and informal educational experiments, and to provide facilities for this use;
  4. To innovate and experiment with the methods of sharing information, programming, and sound art for a general listening and participating audience and to provide facilities for adequate distribution of these works;
  5. To innovate and experiment with methods of training consistent with community development and of particular interests to people in economically or socially disadvantaged groups;
  6. To provide facilities for the production, training, and distribution of sound art and programming consistent with these aims



A Message From Our Board President



"The Community Radio Education Society (CRES) was incorporated in 1975 with the aim of supporting community radio in Vancouver.  At that time Vancouver Co-op Radio had just acquired a broadcast license and was preparing to go on air.   The founders of CRES saw the potential and importance  of a community based, participatory radio station and decided to set up a society to assist in training those interested and to help to provide broadcast facilities.   As part of this endeavor a primary goal of CRES is to help in fundraising for community radio.

After more than 40 years CRES continues in its efforts to assist community radio. In all that time a great many radio volunteers have been trained in all aspects of broadcasting, and through funding drives and grants enough money has been raised to keep community radio in Vancouver alive and healthy.

In 1997 CRES broadened its mandate by forming the Media Arts Committee (MAC).   The idea of MAC was to provide workshops and training in the area of audio art, to fund at least two artists-in-residence each year and to commission an experimental audio art piece each year.   This was all done in conjunction with Co-op Radio which provides and broadcast outlet for the finished audio art pieces.   CRES has been able to get solid support from the Canada Council for the MAC program which continues to provide an important training facility and to produce important audio art works.

Now in the age of the internet and computer-based radio equipment, CRES continues to provide support for training in new media as well as traditional broadcast skills.   The medium may change  but the message is still important: the original goals of supporting community based broadcasting are as relevant as ever."


  • Allan Jensen,  President, CRES